Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embracing and Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Kennebec Valley: Our Commitment to a Better Future

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to fostering DEI in our community. We understand that historical injustices persist and that disparities continue to affect our communities today. As part of our ongoing dedication to addressing these complex issues, we wholeheartedly share our beliefs with our community:

Celebrating Diversity

We believe in the power of diversity, recognizing that each unique perspective enriches our collective understanding. We take the broadest possible view of diversity, extending beyond visible differences to affirm the humanity of all individuals.

Advancing Equity

Equity is the cornerstone of a fair and just society. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. To achieve this, we apply an equity lens to our organizational practices, guiding our decision-making processes and driving progress in this vital area.

Fostering Inclusion

Inclusion is the key to harnessing the collective power of decision making. We believe that inclusive environments create innovative solutions and empower communities to take ownership in addressing complex issues. We actively engage the power of inclusion in all aspects of our work.

Within our organization, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining an equitable and inclusive environment that harnesses the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations. We hold ourselves accountable by continually examining and evolving our core beliefs to honor the members of our community. To ensure that our staff and volunteers reflect the diversity of the communities we serve is an ongoing commitment.


As community leaders, we extend our support to partner programs seeking to build capacity
in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We provide:

Transparent Decision-Making

We offer transparency in our decision-making processes and facilitate meaningful opportunities for feedback, especially for those directly impacted by our initiatives.

Educational Resources

We act as a valuable resource for the community, offering information, materials, and training to enhance awareness and understanding of DEI principles.

Model Best Practices

We set an example by modeling and sharing best practices, providing a framework for assessment, and holding ourselves accountable.

Leveraging Partnerships

We leverage our established partnerships and community connections to coordinate and drive efforts in this critical work, uniting our resources and knowledge to effect positive change.


United Way of Kennebec Valley adopted the following, three-year DEI Action Plan in March 2023.

The plan is embedded within UWKV’s coinciding three-year Strategic Plan.

Overarching Objective

UWKV staff, board and volunteers prioritize and incorporate DEI to reduce barriers to service in Kennebec County.

High-Level Plan


Increase inclusivity and accessibility of marketing materials in Kennebec County to reduce barriers to services.


Increase inclusivity and accessibility of community events in Kennebec County to reduce barriers to services. Aim for anyone entering a room to recognize themselves in that room.


Improve DEI understanding and efforts across Kennebec County through Impact2032 activities.


Ensure staff, board, and partners at all levels of the organization are representative of our community.


Establish greater DEI focus and geographic balance in Community Investment Process (CIP) funding.