Community Investment Process


The 2024 Community Investment Process (with a one-year funding period of April 2024-March 2025) has ended.

United Way of Kennebec Valley’s Community Investment Process (formerly known as the Allocations Process), provides funding to community programs that support our mission and align with one of the Impact2032 Vision Statements. UWKV convenes organizations and individuals around Impact2032‘s three 10-year visions to improve the health, education and financial stability of every person in Kennebec County. Thanks to contributions from individual donors, businesses and foundations to the United Way Campaign, we are able to make grants to programs serving people of Kennebec County.

At UWKV, diversity, equity and inclusion lie at the core of achieving our mission, living our values, and advancing the common good. As we developed Impact2032, we purposefully and thoughtfully considered how we could make sure all people in our community were included. We continue to disaggregate Impact2032 data as much as possible to develop specific strategies to address some of the inequities we’re seeing in our communities. We acknowledge that injustices have persisted throughout history and continue to exist in our communities today—and we leverage our Community Investment Process funding to drive efforts in DEI. We are interested in partnering with programs that work to address disparities. We remain committed to addressing these complex issues by sharing our own values with the community:

  • Diversity leverages the benefits of each unique perspective.
  • Equity gives everyone the opportunity to thrive.
  • Inclusion shares the power of decision making.


e-CImpact Application Portal

Register your organization's profile today to get started.

e-CImpact Site Manual

This version of the site manual will help your organization register for the e-CImpact grant management platform. The full version of the manual is available on the platform once you have set up your account.

Impact2032 Vision Framework

Impact2032 is a community effort to achieve three, 10-year, cross-sector goals in Kennebec County. Your program must align with one vision statement and at least one outcome.

Letter of Intent Questions

This Word document contains all the questions in one easy-to-read format and has been provided to help you prepare to submit your application. You cannot submit your LOI as a Word document or PDF.

Application for Funding Questions

This Application is only for applicants invited to the second and final phase of the Community Investment Process. This Word document contains all the questions in one easy-to-read format and has been provided to help you prepare to submit your application. You cannot submit your Application as a Word document or PDF.

Application Scoring Rubric

UWKV makes its Application Scoring Rubric, which volunteers will reference when reviewing you application, available to all applicants in advance for your reference.



  • The funding period will start April 2024 and end March 2025.
  • The process will include two parts: a Letter of Intent and an Application for Funding. There will not be site visits or program presentations.
  • The application must be completed using UWKV’s e-CImpact grant management online platform.
  • Training will be provided regarding the e-CImpact platform. If your program plans to apply for funding, having the appropriate person(s) from your organization attend the training is mandatory.
  • This application is for one year of funding. In your application, you will request the amount that the program requires for one year. Note: In future years, every application will be for two years of funding.
  • All UWKV funding is allocated in accordance with the Impact2032 Vision Statements. Programs applying for funding must demonstrate how they align with one of the three Impact2032 Vision Statements.
  • Organizations applying for program funding must have officially “Endorsed” Impact2032. This Endorsement must be on file with UWKV prior to submitting your Letter of Intent. You may complete your Statement of Endorsement online, or send the paper version to Michaela Dube at If you aren’t sure if your organization has completed the Endorsement, you can confirm with Michaela.


NOTE: In order to be eligible, your organization and/or the program for which
you are requesting funds must be able to say “yes” to all of the following questions.

Organization Eligibility Requirements

  1. Organization and all applicants represented in the application confirm official endorsement of Impact2032.
  2. The lead organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), a public school district, a municipal entity, an Indian Tribal government, or can demonstrate a legal relationship with an established 501(c)(3) acting as its fiscal agent.
  3. The organization has an annual independent audit performed and financial statements prepared in conformance with the Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Voluntary Health and Welfare Organizations if the organization’s annual revenue exceeds $2,000,000. Applicants with revenues between $1,000,000 and $1,999,999 will require an audit or Review of Financial Statements. Applicants with revenues below $1,000,000 may submit an appropriate Internal Revenue Service Form 990 in lieu of an audit or Review of Financial Statements. Please note: These are the minimum requirements for funding, but UWKV recommends that organizations conduct an audit if revenues exceed $1,000,000
  4. Organization is able to submit its most recent IRS Form 990. If an organization has not yet filed a Form 990 due to a recent incorporation date, or is not required to file a Form 990 for various reasons, please submit a brief statement explaining the situation.
  5. If selected as a funding recipient, organization agrees to conduct an annual United Way campaign among organization staff and/or board no later than fall 2024.
  6. The organization and all partners named in the application operate consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, and comply with UWKV’s Anti-Terrorism Compliance Agreement.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  1. The program for which the organization seeks funding serves residents of Kennebec County. Applicants will use any funding to serve Kennebec County exclusively.
  2. Program will serve diverse groups in the community, be open and not restricted by membership.
  3. Funding will support a specific program or project, not general operations.
  4. Program provides health and human services that align with at least one Impact2032 vision statement based on the Impact2032 Framework.
  5. Program is requesting between $5,000 and $50,000. Note: Funding requests below $5,000 may be considered under specific circumstances. Please reach out to the President/CEO prior to submission.
  6. The funding request does not exceed 35% of the program/project budget.
  7. The parent organization [nonprofit 501(c)(3), public school district, municipal entity, Indian Tribal government] and all its affiliates are not requesting more than $75,000 total among all their programs.

Funding may NOT be used for:

  • Capital expenses
  • Endowments
  • Events or sponsorships
  • General operating expenses